Cornish Hen Fried Rice – Or how the leftovers were eaten.

For Christmas dinner, I had made 6 beautiful Cornish Game Hens, using the spices from My Indian Style Chicken Marinade (minus tomato sauce) and Vegetable Wild Rice. It was a feast and everyone enjoyed. As in any feast, there were plenty of leftovers. My mother took home some of it and I kept some for my husband and me to eat. It turns out that we had enough leftovers for more than 2 meals.

My conversation with my husband tonight:

I asked: “Honey, would you like Cornish Hen and Vegetable Wild Rice for dinner tonight?”

He said: “Nooooo…..”

I replied: “What about Chicken Fried Rice?”

He answered: “Yes!!!! That sounds great!”

So I proceeded to take out the Cornish Hen and the Vegetable Wild Rice from the fridge 🙂

I hate letting foods go to waste. Especially if the only reason why the food is still there, is because it is a leftover. I try to freeze what I can and make something different out of what is left. So needless to say, tonight we had Cornish Hen Fried Rice from our leftovers. This is a great way to get rid of leftover rice and meats. Every different style of leftover will give you a varying taste in fried rice.  You can season it to your taste. Key to this recipe is a very hot pan. If you add too much into the frying pan, you will not get a crispy fried rice.


Cornish Hen Fried Rice


Leftover rice (My Leftover Vegetable Wild Rice)

*remove as much moisture from rice as possible*

Leftover meat, shredded (My Leftover Christmas Cornish Hen)

egg (You can use more if you prefer)

Soy sauce *Gluten Sensitivity-Soy sauce is made with wheat.*

fresh garlic, chopped (optional)

Sesame Oil (optional)

Sesame seeds

Cooking oil

Salt, Pepper, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder To taste


  1. In a large frying pan or wok, heat cooking oil and saute chopped garlic on high.
  2. Add your rice and stir to remove excess moisture.
  3. Make a space in the center of the rice and pour an egg. Season it with some pepper and stir until you get a scrambled egg.
  4. Combine egg with rice and add meat (chicken)
  5. Add soy sauce (To your taste), sesame oil and sesame seeds
  6. Taste mixture and season with salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder (to your taste)
  7. Allow rice to become golden brown, flipping rice over in the pan frequently.
  8. Serve

Leftover Vegetable Wild Rice and Cornish Game Hen

"Chicken" Fried Rice


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  1. This is perfect! I’m going to try this tonight. I made Cornish Hens for Thanksgiving and was wondering what to do with the leftovers

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