Beef Teriyaki

One of my favorite blogs, I follow is Ang Sarap. This blog is written by a man named Raymund and he posts beautiful pictures of foods that he and his wife prepare. He makes dinners while she excels in desserts. I love this blog! Everyday, there is always something new to see.  Today, I adapted one of his recipes, for dinner. I LOVE Beef Teriyaki and when I saw this recipe on his site, I had to try it. I did some minor adjustments to suit my own tastes. I did not heat my pan high enough to properly brown the beef, so don’t let my picture dissuade you from making this dish.

The recipe is delicious! It is not Teriyaki, as we are used to in the States but it has a very comforting warmth to it, that I love. I will definitely make this again (maybe this time with chicken). I served this with noodles. I am posting only the adjustments I made to this recipe.

Please visit his blog, for the original delicious recipe:  Beef Teriyaki By Ang Sarap.


Beef Teriyaki On A Bed Of Noodles


Adjustments I made:
Before cooking the beef, I had sliced the beef into small pieces and marinated them with salt, pepper, sesame oil.

To the sauce, I added 1 tablespoon of red pepper flakes only a small portion of a single star anise, instead of a whole piece.



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4 responses to “Beef Teriyaki

  1. Wow I am flattered! Your dishes rock too!

  2. Wow, this beef teriyaki turned out amazing. Really nice job Samina.. I am so hungry right now lol. I think I am going to make this tonight.

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