To My Readers in Tsunami and Earthquake Affected Areas

Waking up and reading about the Tsunami and Earthquake that has affect your area of the world, I hope and pray that you all are alright. I am hoping that you all are not affected. Waiting and watching for posts from my friends who are bloggers, some of which live in that part of the world.



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10 responses to “To My Readers in Tsunami and Earthquake Affected Areas

  1. crustabakes

    All my prayers and thoughts to the people of Japan.

  2. Its really bad whats happening now, first it was here in NZ now its in Japan. Lets just hope and pray for those who are affected. I had contacted some of the people I know in Japan and luckily they were all OK.

  3. I also mentioned this on my blog today. Oh and Samina, you have been featured on the blog today.. go on over and see 🙂

  4. Omg, I really feel sorry by those who have suffered from this horrible earthquake.

    Hope they are OK too.

  5. Marissa Garcia

    Same here! There is a link to a people finder at

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