Love Reign Over Me

After ten years, there is still divide, intolerance and hatred in our country. Maybe those who spout it can remember that the reason why we remember this day, was for the same characteristics going on in our country today. To everyone, I dedicate this song, in hopes that it’s pours everyday: love.



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7 responses to “Love Reign Over Me

  1. Wow long ago since I last visited your blog, I just missed up so many posts since you were back, Im sry I just didn’t realised!

    With reason my mother was starting to complain that I don’t cook as good as before! DO you know why? I need of your recipes samina 🙂

    See you!

  2. Wonderful video. And you’re right, there is too much divide in this country.. but there is also good. But sometimes that isn’t newsworthy you know :). *HUGS*. Rough day today, I hope you got through it as I did.

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