Welcome To The Family Hiro!

Hello Friends!!! Well, it has been a busy week. Monday, was my husband and my 1st anniversary! Jason and I met at the University of Buffalo, NY August, 1998. I knew we would be good friends. From then on, our relationship grew stronger. When I graduated, he moved to Florida and I stayed in NY. Long distance was pretty tough but we were friends first and so we were able to keep the flame alive. He waited patiently while I went through medical school and in 2005, we promised each other, that when the time was right, we would be married. So, August, 2010 I graduated medical school and on September 12, 2010, my friends and family celebrated, as our 12 year relationship finally became a marriage.
Its been one year and oh my, it flew by so fast. The things that stood out for me: his never-ending love, understanding and support. He and I work as a team and everyday, I feel our relationship has gotten stronger. He is the personification of our vows and I hope that I am as good a wife to him.

So, thirteen years since I first met him, we celebrated by giving to each other, what we really wanted. We adopted a little dog, named Hiro. Hiro is a 2-year-old, mixed breed Chihuahua, that was abandoned in a kill shelter in Virginia. He has lost his eye to infection. A local shelter here in NY, rescued him and 3 days after he arrived, we met and found him. We spend about 3 hours questioning the shelter associates and spending time with him. We knew he would be perfect!

So please welcome our new little boy: Hiro!

Samina & Hiro



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15 responses to “Welcome To The Family Hiro!

  1. How funny! I’ve got a friend whose puppy is also called Hiro 😀

    And what a lovely history, so romantic! Congratulations for both, the puppy and the 1st anniversary!!

    Thanks for sharing your story with us Samina.

    Have a very nice day.

    • Thank you so much 🙂 That is too funny (about your friend’s puppy). We gave our dog the name Hiro because to me, with all he has been through, he is such a sweet, well mannered dog…in my eyes, he is a “Hero.” We spelled it “Hiro” because of one my husband’s favorite characters in a book called Snow Crash named Hiro Protagonist lol.

  2. Congrats on everything! 1st anniversary and your new furbaby!

  3. Happy 1st and 13th Anniversary to you and your hubby.
    How wonderful that you adopted little Hiro – I love hearing stories of people taking in animal like this. All of our animals (cats) came to us looking for homes.
    Have a super Sunday.
    🙂 Mandy

    • Thank you so much! You must be very special, for cats to come looking for you 🙂 They can be very particular lol. Hiro is sleeping near me. I gave him a bath..he did so well! He is curled up with his new toy.

  4. Awwww. First off let me say Congrats on your Anniversary. I hope you had a wonderful romantic day ;). And I want to say Welcome Hiro :). And you are so right, he is perfect in every way. Love this post. *Hugs*

    • *HUGS* thank you Kay! We had an incredible day. We had a very nice breakfast, researched about dogs and then we went to the place we got married and had our wedding dinner all over again. Visited my parents and then came home to our year old wedding cake (it survived the year in the freezer!) YUM

  5. Happy anniversary. So glad you two got a dog, they really bring so much to a home! I’m also glad to see you chose a rescue dog, since there are far too many that need homes. This post really made me smile.

  6. Rez

    Hail, fellow owner of a one eyed mammal!

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