Music fills my soul :)

Many of you know how much I love cooking. It is something that calms me and the finish product always feels like an accomplishment. Even when I am tired and I still am able to serve a nice meal for my husband and myself, I have a wonderful feeling of satisfaction.

While cooking is mainly what I focus on here on SaminaCooks, I have another “obsession” that I wanted to share with you today.


Most of my friends know that I love music. My music loves range is varied and when they come with “Quality” music videos, I am IN LOVE. I used to collect music videos with over a thousand of my favorites. The ones I particularly love, I always end up memorizing and while driving, sing at the top of my voice. I love singing as well and I try my hardest to pick difficult songs and master them. While cooking, you will often times hear me singing a tune. That is when you know I am happy.

Thought I would share what I was listening to right now. Kimbra is a New Zealand singer that is AMAZING. I first was introduced to her by another singer called Gotye, in a song called “Somebody I Used To Know” *(Very good song) and intrigued by her voice, I looked her up. After weeks of replaying her song “Settled Down” I started branching out to her other songs. I am currently in love with her cover of “Plain Gold Ring” sung by Nina Simone. This is her singing live at Sing Sing Studios, Australia. Enjoy!




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4 responses to “Music fills my soul :)

  1. She definitely has an amazing voice. And I love the video. I also want to say to you.. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!! I certainly didn’t forget my friend :). I hope you had a wonderful day.

  2. she is clearly very passionate and intense about her singing. Thanks for the intro to her.
    🙂 Mandy

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