Hamilton Beach Stay 6 Quart Slow Cooker Giveaway!

So excited about having the opportunity to have one of my readers get a free Hamilton Beach Stay 6 Qt Slow Cooker  thanks to the people at SlimKicker!

So, what is SlimKicker? It is an app/website that helps you turn your diet and fitness goals in to a game. You can level up with points and get rewards YOU want! You can get points by tracking calories and completing challenges the site gives you. You upload a picture of a reward such as a cheat food, or iPod, and they will remind you to reward yourself with that reward as you reach a certain number of points. They also have many diet recipes for those in need of ideas. You can use their website or their app (Iphone) and it is absolutely free!

I don’t know about you, but staying motivated to lose and eating healthy are sometimes a losing battle for me. When I am studying, I just have the need to snack and staying in a chair all day doesn’t help. I do have a bit of a competitive streak and I love online games, so this is right up my alley.

So, more about the Hamilton Beach Stay 6 Qt Slow Cooker:

To enter, leave a comment on this post with your suggestion of a fun, creative fitness or diet challenge (1-2 sentences). The people over at SlimKicker will pick their favorite to put on their site and I will announce it here at SaminaCooks! The winner will receive from SlimKicker, a free Hamilton Beach Stay 6 Qt Slow Cooker. Results will be posted between July 31st (Monday) and August 1st (Wednesday), next week!

So put your thinking caps on and start posting your ideas here!!!!



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21 responses to “Hamilton Beach Stay 6 Quart Slow Cooker Giveaway!

  1. Eddie Huey

    Recently, I’ve determined that carbonated drinks agitate my eczema, and I’m a sucker for sugary drinks. So one of my efforts would be to try to go a full week of healthy drinking. This means water only. Vitamin water doesn’t count. No juice either. I still need my morning coffee, so maybe I will substitute with a non flavored soy milk. I’m going to keep track of a calorie count, to see how much calories I’ve lost at the end of the week. This would be a whole lot easier for me to start off with than exercising or dieting.

  2. When my hubby and I want to jump start our weight loss or are just feeling
    “blah” in general, we head to the local farmer’s market and buy a weeks worth of fruit and veggies. We don’t allow ourselves to go to the grocery store or eat out until all the veg/fruit is gone. We Juice a lot! It help get in all your daily vits and micro-nutrients.

  3. Wendy

    Try one new (to me) vegetable or fruit every month for a year.
    I tried kale this week. I didn’t like it. 😦

  4. Spring Schmidt

    We have a fun group of friends and we have Iron Chef-style tasting parties. We throw random healthy foods into a bowl and draw one out and then we have a potluck a few weeks later where everyone brings a healthy dish featuring the ingredient. We have tried some very fun recipes and several veggies that some of us were not familiar with- we featured kale recently and had an amazing italian soup, spicy kale chips, a frittata, a wilted kale salad and someone even brought a smoothie. It was a lot of fun, and now I have several new kale recipes.

  5. Graziella Mendonsa

    One thing that really gets us going is waking up earlier to have a run around with the pups. The way I see it, by the time i get home, im so brain fried that it takes so little to say, I’ll walk them tomorrow. Instead I go to bed early and wake up with my 2 beagle sunshines and walk them in the morning when the heat is low and nature is just waking up 🙂 Another really good way to stay healthy is switch out meats for fish. You can still make a really savory paela with sword fish and shrimp (2 meaty options that absorb any flavor you put on them) and make a healthy thai salmon salad with slivered almonds and tart dried cherries. Something small that one can change up every week keeps the mind healthy, the heart happy and the family loved with positivity and enthusiasm for what’s next!

    • Sounds great! I think for me, a challenge is getting more fish served at my table. I think I am going to set a week where I am going to just try different fish and fish recipes. Thanks for the great idea!

      • Graziella Mendonsa

        Sure thing, or have once a week be a fish day — Like meatless mondays — have it be a fish dish 🙂

  6. Arianne

    I know for me its hard to get in some exercise with 2 kids under the age of 3. Usually I try to walk with them and create activities to motivate us all to walk. I tell my older daughter to walk like a penguin, monkey, etc. It would be great to form a group of mommy’s to get together and do this a few times a week in a park or something! You can also make other groups for people with similar interests too!. I know I would love that and there’s nothing like it in my area. You can also do an online component where all the exercise, meals, and healthy meal ideas can be shared and you can meet others with similar weight loss goals.

    • Very nice Arianne! Wording and getting support from other people are definitely great ways to motivate yourself to losing weight and being healthy! PS…when no one is looking..walking like a penguin is fun.. 😉

  7. Marissa

    My idea is… Create a group to measure what we do at home! This way, people who are too busy to get to the gym with a buddy can still have an “accountability partner” to keep them honest.

    • Wow, that is a great idea! I know the hardest part, when I was going to the gym, was making myself go. That is why I am so glad I have Hiro, our dog. He keeps me honest about going for daily walks.

  8. A good challenge for me is to do 100 pushups in a week, but each day make it more than yesterday.

  9. terry dow

    Please — would love one

    • Just think of a fun and creative fitness or diet challenge and post it here in the comments section! That is the only way to enter for the contest! 🙂 Good luck!

  10. Sue

    SlimKicker, not KickStarter 🙂

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