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Welcome To The Family Hiro!

Hello Friends!!! Well, it has been a busy week. Monday, was my husband and my 1st anniversary! Jason and I met at the University of Buffalo, NY August, 1998. I knew we would be good friends. From then on, our relationship grew stronger. When I graduated, he moved to Florida and I stayed in NY. Long distance was pretty tough but we were friends first and so we were able to keep the flame alive. He waited patiently while I went through medical school and in 2005, we promised each other, that when the time was right, we would be married. So, August, 2010 I graduated medical school and on September 12, 2010, my friends and family celebrated, as our 12 year relationship finally became a marriage.
Its been one year and oh my, it flew by so fast. The things that stood out for me: his never-ending love, understanding and support. He and I work as a team and everyday, I feel our relationship has gotten stronger. He is the personification of our vows and I hope that I am as good a wife to him.

So, thirteen years since I first met him, we celebrated by giving to each other, what we really wanted. We adopted a little dog, named Hiro. Hiro is a 2-year-old, mixed breed Chihuahua, that was abandoned in a kill shelter in Virginia. He has lost his eye to infection. A local shelter here in NY, rescued him and 3 days after he arrived, we met and found him. We spend about 3 hours questioning the shelter associates and spending time with him. We knew he would be perfect!

So please welcome our new little boy: Hiro!

Samina & Hiro


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