Vegetable Wild Rice-Gluten Free

I never realized that I was salt conscious, until I went out of the country for school for a while. The first time I had the local foods, of the areas I was in, I couldn’t believe how salty the foods were. That is when I realized, I don’t really like to use a lot of salt in my foods. This recipe, is not only healthy (lots of vegetables) but also doesn’t have a lot of sodium. You can of course, change this to your taste, but I find that the vegetables add sweet flavor to the rice. I use the instant-fast recipe wild rice boxed rice, when I make this recipe. I discard the seasoning packet and add low sodium chicken broth (Or homemade broth: Turkey Stock from Thanksgiving). This brings down the salt.

I decided to make this, as part of Christmas Dinner. Sauteing the vegetables takes time, so I prepared and sautéed the vegetables the day before. You can use any vegetables you like for this recipe and in whatever amounts. Enjoy!!


Boxed Wild Rice (Seasoning packet discarded)

Chicken/Beef/Vegetable (for Vegetarians)/Turkey Broth (Amount required on box)

*Gluten Sensitivity-Canned Stock made with bouillon cubes are not Gluten Free, check your labels

Carrots, diced

bell peppers (any color), diced

Spanish onion, diced

celery, diced


zucchini, diced

yellow squash, diced

mushrooms, sliced


  1. Prepare boxed wild rice, adding diced carrots, as per instructions on box (omitting seasoning packet and using broth instead of water).
  2. Saute your vegetables, to your preference
  3. When rice is done, combine the vegetables to the rice.

Vegetable Wild Rice




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